20th October 1998 Archive

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  • US vs Europe wireless trade war looms

    Threatening to refer the EU and ETSI to the WTO is fighting talk...

    Business 20 08:11

  • DoJ springs trap for Bill Gates

    Justice's opening set out to prove Gates less than truthful, and to undermine his credibility as a witness

    Business 20 08:39

  • Zilog brings 8-bit pricing down to 39 cents

    Now here's a company that could teach Intel a thing or two about low cost and high volume...

    Business 20 09:11

  • Motorola buys into low resource Web browsing start-up

    On the fly page reformatting to help pocket devices browse the Web

    Business 20 09:34

  • Only two per cent of Internet spend last year was on content, says Zona

    Now why doesn't that surprise us? Can we have some money now please?

    Business 20 10:08

  • HP rolls out $999 super-CE machine with added connectivity

    Now the handhelds synchronise with credit-card sized devices. Go figure that one...

    Business 20 10:32

  • Speculators ramp up EDO and FPM DRAM prices

    How much?

    Business 20 10:45

  • Microsoft trial: How it will proceed

    What's going to happen, and what the DoJ needs to prove

    Business 20 11:11

  • Microsoft spin doctors spin to blunt attack on Gates

    After yesterday's assault, Microsoft's legal eagles claim it's all 'out of context'

    Business 20 11:14

  • Prosecution says Gates led plan to crush Netscape

    Claims company set out to eliminate sources of Netscape revenue

    Business 20 11:17

  • Sybase posts profitable Q3

    Beats Street predictions

    Business 20 11:20

  • HP unifies server business

    Hardware, software and services merged into single division

    Business 20 11:23

  • Casio launches Windows CE software operation

    Today, handhelds -- tomorrow, the world...

    Business 20 11:24

  • Kauffman joins Ten-TV


    Business 20 11:47

  • How Microsoft squeezed Netscape out of contracts – Barksdale

    Netscape CEO's testimony details 'anticompetitive' allegations

    Business 20 12:49

  • Broadcom tweaks cable modem chip for Europe

    One of those fabled MIPS customers

    Business 20 13:29

  • Who will buy these wonderful patents?

    Toshiba looks in the locker for fresh revenus streams

    Business 20 13:33

  • HP touts stress-free, EMC-rich strategy

    Aberdeen Group likes it

    Business 20 14:04

  • Digital TV to lead information appliance market

    Yes, but will anyone actually connect to the Net this way?

    Business 20 14:52

  • Microsoft on Trial

    Links to El Reg coverage of MS anti-trust trial

    Business 20 15:09

  • Oh No! not another convergence story

    Nortel's vision, this time

    Business 20 15:38

  • Intel does not use toilet rolls…


    Business 20 16:00

  • DVD shortage now, gluts in 1999

    Pick up can't keep up with DVD pick up

    Business 20 17:07

  • 'Linux made it, so what's the problem?' says Microsoft attorney

    It's official -- any smart Helsinki student has a chance to destroy the Gates Empire

    Business 20 21:01