19th October 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft considers buying banknote printing outfit

    Death of satire imminent as company gears-up to integrate money. Real money...

    Business 19 07:49

  • Gates wanted to buy Palm's software business, says report

    If he did, it looks like an aggressive, dangerous and ill thought-out move

    Business 19 08:44

  • Music companies block Diamond Rio launch

    A judge has granted an injunction blocking the shipment of Diamond's Rio, which is claimed to be an aid to piracy

    Business 19 09:14

  • Wal-Mart busts Amazon in ‘espionage’ case

    The trad retail giant says the e-commerce guys have been playing fast and loose with its systems

    Business 19 09:40

  • Typhoon Zeb disrupts DRAM supplies

    Bad news: some people dead. Good news: prices are rising

    Business 19 10:14

  • Singapore kicked by HP when it's down

    Company to move PC assembly to Japan

    Business 19 10:36

  • Linux plugless and playless without Intel-Aid

    Lack of USB and 1394 support leaves it lagging behind MS

    Business 19 11:13

  • Excite posts profit and loss

    Did it make money or not? Excite wants it both ways

    Business 19 11:14

  • DSL standard due by Friday

    Agreement now would lead to ratification in eight months' time

    Business 19 11:42

  • Microsoft wriggles to keep DoJ off its data

    So what is it in there that Microsoft doesn't want people to see?

    Business 19 12:03

  • Microprocessor Forum 98

    Announcements ahoy

    Business 19 12:37

  • Round up: Markets 16th October

    Adobe looks cheerful

    Business 19 13:53

  • Open Group closes doors on De Feo

    De Feo must Geo

    Business 19 14:15

  • Dane-Elec's daily DRAM prices – prices continue to rise

    Daily prices: 19 October 1998

    Business 19 14:44

  • Concurrent in concurrence with profits forecasts


    Business 19 14:48

  • ITG pumps up the volume with The Ministry of Sound

    Don't be a square, daddio

    Business 19 14:54

  • South Korea's Kim holds out for DRAM reform

    Delivers stern message to family held businesses about corruption

    Business 19 15:25

  • Intel beefs up remote access with Shiva buy

    There -- we told you Intel wasn't going to buy 3Com, didn't we?

    Business 19 15:30

  • Memory Corp continues comeback route

    Confident of Q4 break-even

    Business 19 17:02