16th October 1998 Archive

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  • Motorola spawns new group aimed at auto industry

    There's PowerPC, and many other Motorola bits, embedded in TCG

    Business 16 Oct 08:28

  • ARM shows off chip for 400 MIPS smartphones

    Next year's model is the ARM10T. ARM-based personal organisers to include Thumb. Think about it...

    Business 16 Oct 08:30

  • Goodbye to Quarterdeck as Symantec snatches it up

    Symantec needs the technology fast, but there may be weird patents in there too...

    Business 16 Oct 09:05

  • Roundup: Markets on 15th October 1998

    Good news after rate cut, but as it only got cut because the Fed's concerned about slump, worries should return RSN

    Business 16 Oct 09:20

  • Sun, Unisys head pack of encouraging results

    Lucky old Sun's gaining market share from HP and IBM

    Business 16 Oct 09:27

  • Bytes bought by USKO

    Another South African company on the scene

    Business 16 Oct 10:57

  • Microsoft doesn't know about enterprise sales, says HP boss

    Platt accidentally damns sales efforts of one of his company's key allies

    Business 16 Oct 12:16

  • Intel stakes Micron for $500 million

    Which means the Korean DRAM chaebols are toast, right?

    Business 16 Oct 14:35

  • Tadpole sandwiches hardware operations

    The smallest monopoly in town

    Business 16 Oct 14:44

  • Microsoft licensing policy could price NT out of UK schools' reach

    Per seat licensing makes the Microsoft route entirely unviable, says our informant

    Business 16 Oct 15:06

  • Acorn builds Castles in the Air

    But where are the Dutch?

    Business 16 Oct 16:09