15th October 1998 Archive

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  • Motorola launches PowerPC G4

    Look out, Katmai -- here comes AltiVec...

    Business 15 03:29

  • IBM readies Gigaprocessor PowerPC for server lines

    But will it ever finish the PowerPC 620?

    Business 15 03:32

  • Intel doctors Foster to extend life of IA-32 architecture

    Post-Merced IA-64 line announced too

    Business 15 03:34

  • Apple ships 278,000 iMacs

    But other lines don't do so well

    Business 15 03:39

  • Apple posts $106 million profit

    Doubles all round as Mac maker celebrates first year in profit since 1995

    Business 15 03:42

  • Roundup: Markets on 14th October 1998

    Dow stable, but it looks like the latest Japanese rescue plan won't work

    Business 15 08:00

  • Now Microsoft plans to integrate database in the OS

    Gates telegraphs next expansionist moves while defending the last ones

    Business 15 08:02

  • Gates under fire over upgrade pricing, licence policies

    Apparently concurrent licensing was unpopular, so Microsoft dropped it. Unpopular with Microsoft's beanies, was that?

    Business 15 08:38

  • Intergraph counter-attacks low-cost Intel workstations with fab deal

    Small, perfectly-formed workstation designer meets manufacturing giant, goes after commoditisers?

    Business 15 09:01

  • Jackson turns down Microsoft request for trial delay

    And the DoJ has filed a tantalising list of 1,300 documents we're not allowed to see yet

    Business 15 09:19

  • Integration and ISP deals drive Explorer gains, says Zona

    Netscape is holding onto user mindshare, but corporate policies are swinging against it

    Business 15 10:59

  • Acorn rebuffs dealer bid

    Bring on the Dutch

    Business 15 11:03

  • What's bad for Microsoft is bad for the US

    Breaking up Microsoft is as ludicrous as breaking up . . . whoever wins the World Series

    Business 15 12:24

  • HP waves goodbye to NetFire

    Takes on HP Office Centre direct

    Business 15 13:44

  • EU rattles Microsoft's cage

    Formal complaint against company may be on the cards

    Business 15 16:10

  • How Intel and HP shield patents from prying eyes

    A strange Californian Institute seems to 'look after' them for them, out if sight of rivals

    Business 15 16:14

  • Update; Acorn, Apple sell-off prompts ARM stock fall

    We got the details this time

    Business 15 16:38

  • Highams dons Trainers


    Business 15 17:30