14th October 1998 Archive

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  • Roundup: Markets on 13th October 1998

    Much twitching in virtual standstill markets

    Business 14 08:17

  • NDS for Linux to boost OS in corporate networks

    Caldera's forthcoming port of Novell's directory system will give Linux a helping hand

    Business 14 09:16

  • Intel beats the Street after record shipments

    Margins up too, so the upstarts ain't biting yet...

    Business 14 09:28

  • HP announces next generation PA chips

    So exactly when is it going to migrate to IA-64, anyway?

    Business 14 10:02

  • PB claims Taiwan outfit infringed patents

    Stricken retail outfit's gimlet-eyed attorneys hit back

    Business 14 10:48

  • Intel unveils three-pronged strategy for appliance and embedded

    Pentium, StrongARM and i960 all have roles to play

    Business 14 10:50

  • Ellison resumes attack on Microsoft ‘servers everywhere’

    You don't want to do that - centralise your apps and data and then we'll look after it for you...

    Business 14 11:17

  • Microsoft spin-doctors ‘refute’ DoJ case

    But there seems to be a lot more spinning than red meat in this here document...

    Business 14 11:31

  • Update: Cirrus sells software team to ISD

    Coup for ISD, Jon Peddie says.

    Business 14 12:55

  • Compaq profits down, but company exceeds forecasts

    Seems to be succeeding in moving Digital's furniture around profitably

    Business 14 13:10

  • Seagate wouldhavebeens mar Q1 results

    Wouldhavebeen a profit, honest guv

    Business 14 13:51

  • Microsoft will be trial of century – but which one?

    Even if Microsoft doesn't get another two week delay, the action promises to grind on into the future

    Business 14 15:35

  • MIPS preens after shipping 100 millionth CPU

    And there's more to the company than Nintendo, apparently...

    Business 14 16:11

  • Nat Semi CEO proposes giveaway PCs

    Safeway et al. to bundle budget Net terminals to encourage Web-based grocery ordering, says Halla

    Business 14 16:59