13th October 1998 Archive

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  • ATI prepares Chromatic buyout

    Ailing media processor developer finds suitor at last

    Business 13 05:04

  • Intel boxes boost HP Q2 workstation sales

    Commodity workstations give company lead in volume, and revenue closes-in on Sun

    Business 13 06:54

  • Baan shares take bath after warning

    Dutch market marks it down 29 per cent against the trend

    Business 13 09:47

  • Baan bets big on Windows NT products

    It's now pretty strategic for Microsoft, but its financials are looking shaky

    Business 13 09:53

  • AMD, Intel let K7 and Katmai off the leash

    At today's Microprocessor Forum AMD will flesh-out its plans to surpass Intel

    Business 13 11:15

  • Judge allows "state's evidence" in Microsoft suit

    Connecticut official to file friend of court brief

    Business 13 11:39

  • Rise unleashes CPU for Basic PC, sub-$1,000 notebook

    Grief, don't these maniacs realise what time it is in San Jose?

    Business 13 13:41

  • 3i takes stake in cut-price ecommerce developer

    A complete ecommerce solution for £349... who are they kidding?

    Business 13 13:47

  • Mostly ARMless…


    Business 13 14:56

  • AMD scores major supply deal with HP

    To provide the CPUs for Windows-Based Terminal rollout

    Business 13 15:25

  • CHS Vobis deal collapses

    Says Metro AG failed to meet conditions

    Business 13 15:41

  • Memory Corp signs Rambus deal

    Engineering samples for Q1,199

    Business 13 16:35

  • EMC ride recession-proof mass storage market

    Is storage really a non-discretionary item?

    Business 13 16:43

  • Cyrix, IDT/Centaur, Rise ready low-end PC processors

    Coming soon to a £500 PC near you... Maybe...

    Business 13 22:08

  • AMD K7 snatches at Intel high-end crown

    The Great Stan is dead... Long live the Great Stan

    Business 13 22:11