12th October 1998 Archive

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  • Roundup: Last week's markets

    Fed optimism fuels late US rally

    Business 12 Oct 08:15

  • Softbank strikes distribution deal with Ingram

    Japanese giant stiffens home operations as ZD takes a hit

    Business 12 Oct 08:17

  • Does Microsoft ‘gibberish’ database run on IBM hardware?

    Register supersleuth Graham Lea reckons Microsoft is being bashful about owning a SAP-AS/400 combo

    Business 12 Oct 08:21

  • Microsoft leaks its own memos

    Bill Gates has been telling his staff what the future holds, and his PRs have been telling the press

    Business 12 Oct 08:24

  • Sugar urges Viglen shareholders to reject his takeover offer

    Undervalued, he says

    Business 12 Oct 10:00

  • Zenith jobs threatened after Philips pulls out of plant deal

    The company that once ruled the roost in US TVs may have built its last product by December

    Business 12 Oct 10:12

  • Global server sales slump, second division vendors in big trouble

    The top vendors are feeling the draught, but it's a lot colder further down the league

    Business 12 Oct 10:41

  • Apple set to announce first full year of profit since 95

    And watch that stock price shift when Steve gives the wrod...

    Business 12 Oct 11:06

  • Embedded Windows CE out first in Sega machine

    The new box may turn out to be a winner for WebTV's services

    Business 12 Oct 11:23

  • Ideal rises on "strong trading"

    Market is stabilising

    Business 12 Oct 11:41

  • ARM chips with everything

    Profits up

    Business 12 Oct 14:53

  • CDMA will mysteriously catch GSM, says report

    But it's not entirely clear why...

    Business 12 Oct 16:09

  • Diamond dogged by music law suit

    Don't touch that dial

    Business 12 Oct 17:00

  • Datatec buys Network Si

    Will merge into Logical Networks

    Business 12 Oct 17:04

  • Computer Experts wins US mega-millennium deal

    From the US Treasury, no less

    Business 12 Oct 17:17

  • Elcom shaves costs in restructure

    But will it be any more profitable?

    Business 12 Oct 17:27