9th October 1998 Archive

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  • CHS shares fall on fear of Vobis deal collapse

    Never failed to complete deal yet, the company says

    Business 09 06:24

  • Roundup: Markets on 8th October

    Storms rage around the world's markets - is it all going pear-shaped?

    Business 09 08:57

  • DoJ posts final witness list

    Apple, Sun supremos set to testify against Microsoft

    Business 09 10:50

  • NatSemi research project to tackle spiralling chip fab costs

    Smaller chips equals more defects, so US cost-control project kicks off

    Business 09 11:00

  • Netscape's Barksdale sees growth of thousands of specialist portals

    So are the handful of big portals in trouble? Interesting thought...

    Business 09 11:03

  • Oracle aims Oracle8 for Linux at Microsoft NT

    Deluged by Linux developer registrations, Oracle plans to turn the tables on Microsoft

    Business 09 11:06

  • Microsoft puts squeeze on reporter over leaked documents

    How come Microsoft has subpoenaed a reporter for documents and emails? Audit trail, we reckon...

    Business 09 11:11

  • Dell aims for seven hour inventory turnaround

    Can Eckhard 'Warehouse' Pfeiffer take any more?

    Business 09 11:22

  • Sugar prepares for Viglen bid

    Mops up shares in advance

    Business 09 11:27

  • Packard Bell NEC to cut US workforce by 20 per cent

    Cost-cutting measure follows poor year

    Business 09 11:36

  • Apple set for $66 million Q4 profit

    Will 1998 become Mac maker's first fully profitable year since 1995?

    Business 09 11:39

  • Judge dismisses Microsoft request for Netscape tapes

    Profs claim victory for academic freedom, but judge may release some interview material at antitrust trial

    Business 09 11:55

  • HP launches network channel scheme

    Awards too

    Business 09 12:03

  • Security Dynamic hires Rippon for UK channel drive

    Aims to double numbers

    Business 09 12:13

  • Lotus chief scorns Linux

    OS acolytes declare fatwah, burn copies of SmartSuite

    Business 09 12:26

  • Dataflex brings voice routing to corporates

    SmartGem Manager takes call control away from telcos

    Business 09 14:39

  • Inacom Vanstar deal creates world's biggest reseller

    Job cuts galore

    Business 09 15:07

  • So farewell then, Hayes?

    Modem veteran seeks Chapter 11 protection and long-term funding

    Business 09 15:29

  • Compaq to embed Citrix ICA in CE devices

    Move builds on existing alliance between companies

    Business 09 16:05

  • Judge rules on Microsoft database: it's gibberish – official

    Finds the databases Microsoft has already given the DoJ unintelligible. Does he think the rest will make more sense?

    Business 09 16:07