8th October 1998 Archive

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  • HP switches to Intel StrongARM for Jupiter CE machines

    HP's ARM licence the other week may be panning out into a co-development deal

    Business 08 Oct 07:05

  • Intel maps out future of IA-32 with 1 Ghz CPU, Katmai and friends

    We told you this a while back - Intel told everybody else yesterday...

    Business 08 Oct 07:10

  • October 24: Cyrix price drops

    Advance notice

    Business 08 Oct 07:53

  • Roundup: Markets on 7th October

    Book deal impacts Amazon, AMD goes down on good news. Bizarre...

    Business 08 Oct 08:43

  • DoJ takes on Visa and Mastercard

    Slapped wrists for stifling smart card competition

    Business 08 Oct 10:39

  • Compaq axes 1000 jobs

    First round of 17,000-redundancy scheme

    Business 08 Oct 10:42

  • Chip sales grew in August

    First month-on-month rise since November 1997

    Business 08 Oct 10:44

  • Yahoo! profits! soar!

    Portal second most visited Net entry point after AOL

    Business 08 Oct 11:06

  • Ellison takes aim at Microsoft crown jewels – Windows NT

    After lashing-out in all directions, Oracle's Larry Ellison seems to be finding the right target at last

    Business 08 Oct 11:15

  • Citrix stock price Scudded


    Business 08 Oct 11:30

  • Packard Bell NEC settles whistleblower suit

    $3.5 million paid to end 'old parts for new' case

    Business 08 Oct 11:36

  • Network Solutions domain name licence renewed

    NSI stays in charge until 2000 in return for registration data

    Business 08 Oct 11:45

  • Oracle plans $8 billion revenue Web outsourcing operation

    Larry Ellison reckons that pay-as-you-go enterprise apps are the Next Big Thing, and is looking for partners

    Business 08 Oct 14:43

  • Seagate pulls plugs on Scottish semi plant

    Plans to outsource semiconductor support for its drives

    Business 08 Oct 15:04

  • AMD poised to announce K6-2 400 deal with tier one PC company

    Faster versions in November could win the company sales further upscale

    Business 08 Oct 15:31

  • Network Associates sets sights on online market

    P-p-p-pick up a p-p-p-ortal

    Business 08 Oct 15:42

  • Pan-Europe modem standard could cause trouble

    Standards harmonisation is outpacing the PTTs, claims TDK

    Business 08 Oct 17:57

  • Microsoft rolls out ‘Jupiter’ CE in surprise attack

    Research coincidentally proves punters want larger format 'PC companions' - but not smaller PCs, presumably...

    Business 08 Oct 18:48

  • Update: Wise men save Acorn PC

    Bondar to the rescue, maybe?

    Business 08 Oct 20:27