7th October 1998 Archive

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  • UK Tech Week off to a feeble start

    And another Comdex UK seems less than glossy - it's been 15 years people - face it, it doesn't work in Europe

    Business 07 07:59

  • HP and Sun make peace over Java

    Sun seems to have put away the attorneys it was reaching for earlier this year. Friends hug. Cut to credits.

    Business 07 08:02

  • AMD beating Intel at low-end, takes aim at sub-$1,500

    Back in profit a quarter early, AMD sees ever-increasing sales for the K6-2

    Business 07 09:23

  • Roundup: Markets on 6 October

    Graham Lea picks the winner and loser across the globe

    Business 07 09:32

  • Set-tops to oust PCs for home Net access

    Price and ease of use the name of the game

    Business 07 10:47

  • SGI, Real 3D end hostilities

    Marketing, development and patent licensing deal ends three-year lawsuit

    Business 07 10:53

  • DoJ vs MS trial delayed again

    DoJ wants four more days to complete evidence from slow industry execs

    Business 07 11:47

  • Plasmon licenses IBM technology for tape push

    MagStar MP selected for own-branded tape library systems

    Business 07 12:22

  • Fujitsu announces double speed SDRAM

    But names it after defunct communist country...

    Business 07 13:31

  • DRAM: Out with the bath effect water


    Business 07 13:41

  • NatSemi attacks WSJ cancer claims

    Lifestyle and genetics to blame for ill workers

    Business 07 14:01

  • Silicon Spam – whatever next?


    Business 07 19:31