6th October 1998 Archive

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  • Roundup: US markets on 5 October

    Dow down, Nikkei static

    Business 06 Oct 09:43

  • Bristol files reply in Microsoft suit

    Microsoft's own documents show predatory intent, developer claims

    Business 06 Oct 11:09

  • Argentine IBM defendant found hanged

    One of the executives charged in connection with a major bribes scandal is dead, in an apparent suicide

    Business 06 Oct 13:03

  • Lycos to offer credit cards to members

    An affinity card for Web users? No doubt the first of many...

    Business 06 Oct 13:10

  • NCI makes breakthrough into Web-enabled appliance market

    By pitching at embedded devices, the company has a target market in the hundreds of millions

    Business 06 Oct 13:12

  • Seagate storage management arm to merge with Veritas

    Merger to create world's largest network storage management company. Gosh

    Business 06 Oct 13:49

  • AMD scores Sony consumer PC design win

    Quarterly loss expectations improve

    Business 06 Oct 13:52

  • Wired's last bastion falls to Lycos

    The last tribunes of the electronic frontier have gone corporate

    Business 06 Oct 14:04

  • Intel 450MHz Xeon ships, but four- and 8-way slip

    Intel is now talking about four-way implementations for 99

    Business 06 Oct 14:44

  • Microsoft unveils cordless phone

    Microsoft as a Binatone for the 90s -- discuss

    Business 06 Oct 14:50

  • Viking doubles European DRAM capacity

    Vikings invade Dublin...again

    Business 06 Oct 15:20

  • SheepShaver to bring Mac application support to Linux

    Baa-baa humbug?

    Business 06 Oct 15:22

  • Server sales slow down

    Don't panic, IDC says

    Business 06 Oct 15:40

  • Germans to boycott Net over high dial-up costs

    Don't mention the Internet -- I did, but I think I got away with it

    Business 06 Oct 16:14

  • Entegra appoints Hudson to build European USB channel

    USB market ripe for picking

    Business 06 Oct 16:18

  • Lynx merges training units, rebrands distribution arm

    Apps and Unix techie stuff rolled into one

    Business 06 Oct 16:38

  • IBM scores development deal for France's Minitel 2

    Which looks like it'll be the Internet with very French characteristics...

    Business 06 Oct 16:59

  • ISS buy UK security software developer

    Cash and shares deal

    Business 06 Oct 17:08