5th October 1998 Archive

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  • HP faces fine from US environment agency

    EPA wants $2.5 million for not keeping it informed

    Business 05 04:38

  • Microsoft minions in bidding war to see Bill

    They'll apparently pay up to $50,000 for some attention...

    Business 05 04:40

  • Intel sales badly dented by AMD upstarts

    Loses share in retail market as Celeron fails to hit thespot

    Business 05 04:43

  • Large throng joins industry Hall of Fame

    Register retaliates by inducting Linus

    Business 05 06:04

  • Hitachi to double 2.5in drive production

    Brings forward ramp by a year

    Business 05 06:06

  • Nokia, Ericsson, Compaq, HP team to push broadband wireless

    New trade body will throw its weight around in standards arena

    Business 05 06:08

  • Roundup: UK markets on 2 October

    London follows Wall Street with series of falls

    Business 05 07:51

  • Discount outfit sells sub-£100 Acorn NCs

    Price breakthrough unlikely to be totally welcome

    Business 05 07:53

  • Morse puts IPO on backburner

    Market conditions to blame

    Business 05 09:35

  • Roundup: US markets on 2 October

    US stocks rise -- a bit

    Business 05 10:07

  • Japanese banking collapse threatens IT sector

    Market dominoes on verge of toppling

    Business 05 10:15

  • Spring cleans up its training portfolio

    MBO team snaffle up franchise business

    Business 05 10:30

  • Sun to buy remote access specialist

    Move supports planned Sun.Net scheme

    Business 05 11:47

  • Softbank buys Japanese broker for E+Trade

    A licence, Stock Exchange membership and a loss-making history...

    Business 05 11:49

  • Corel infected CDs recalled

    I counted them all out -- and now I'm counting them all back...

    Business 05 12:00

  • HP to axe 2,500 jobs

    Two per cent of workforce asked to take voluntary redundancy

    Business 05 12:05

  • Computacenter deal makes Ballmer super-excited

    Mandelson applauds 1,000 new jobs

    Business 05 13:35

  • Workers make cancer claims in NatSemi job cuts factory

    Greenock sheds 700 staff

    Business 05 15:19

  • Netscape signed up to provide BT with portal

    Great Stan of phones teams up with Great Stan of browsers

    Business 05 15:31

  • Feds probe Cisco ‘Yalta’ conference

    Did Big Three plan to share out network market?

    Business 05 16:13

  • Intel antitrust suit delayed

    Great Stan of chips gets a month's reprieve from FTC allegations

    Business 05 16:24

  • King joins DTEC Memory Corp as "hired hand"

    Memory Corp targets $500m sales

    Business 05 16:39

  • Windows 98 to get Service Pack – official

    Big bugs due to be fixed early 1999

    Business 05 16:43

  • Phone meltdown blights comms conference

    Keep me hanging on the telephone

    Business 05 21:44

  • Y2K means NT 5.0 will have to wait its turn

    TMA delegates complain of poor timing

    Business 05 21:52

  • Voice, data and ne'er the twain shall meet

    Do believe the hype

    Business 05 22:14

  • Register's analysis of Intel Basic PC flaws is flawed, apparently

    Audio and DVD no problem, a reader writes

    Business 05 22:31