2nd October 1998 Archive

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  • Roundup: Markets on 1st October

    All fall down again...

    Business 02 07:13

  • Update: Siemens, CA to push Unicenter in Europe

    Siemens to bundle, CA to set up development centres

    Business 02 07:16

  • NEC execs charged in Japan defence case

    Prosecutors allege we've been padding our prices...

    Business 02 08:50

  • Boeing fined $10 million in tech export case

    Feds claim broke export licence terms 207 times

    Business 02 08:52

  • Logica buys US call centre software company

    UK company plans further US expansion

    Business 02 08:54

  • Microsoft takes Virgin-line stance on dictionary

    Lingua franca Encarta

    Business 02 09:25

  • Microsoft demands academics hand over Netscape, AOL info

    Scholar's privilege may not be protect Harvard, MIT profs

    Business 02 09:43

  • Samsung introduces network version of SRAM

    Toshiba, NEC join in initiative

    Business 02 09:47

  • Apple drops out of UK's only Mac show

    Mac maker joins list of major vendors not attending

    Business 02 10:37

  • Winbond move to DRAM not surprise

    Set to take advantage of next year's stability

    Business 02 10:40

  • UK home Internet usage accelerating

    E-commerce is driving demand

    Business 02 10:51

  • Symantec to axe five per cent of workforce

    Slow summer sales blamed

    Business 02 11:47

  • Users don't rate retailers

    PC chains slammed by buyers, says Which? survey

    Business 02 12:09

  • PC vendors climb aboard LCD bandwagon

    ATI hoist the digital flat panel flag (it's a stiff as a board)

    Business 02 12:10

  • Let's see those Bill Gates movies, says judge

    Video killed the Supreme Court candidature, as we recall...

    Business 02 13:36

  • IBM introduces Power3, promises gigachip by 2001

    Spate of RS announcements to arrive Monday

    Business 02 14:35

  • Acer's Shih hands over day-to-day control to Simon Lin

    Move could signal flagging interest in Acer America

    Business 02 14:58

  • Court considers cooking cookies' book

    US citizen sues US city for refusing to reveal cookie contents

    Business 02 15:09

  • Siemens completes restructure

    Nixdorf nomenclature sorted out

    Business 02 15:12

  • Aureal responds to Creative Labs suit

    Agreement sought on acceptible levels of misinformation

    Business 02 15:51

  • Memory Corp licenses IP rights to Taiwanese, US companies

    Will expand presence in the US market, CEO says

    Business 02 15:54