1st October 1998 Archive

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  • Roundup: Yesterday's markets

    Jitters pull Dow and Nasdaq down

    Business 01 07:20

  • Sun execs said Microsoft could change Java, claims Microsoft

    And Microsoft seems to be making afair stab at proving Sun intended to kill it

    Business 01 08:41

  • Network Solutions wins seven-day reprieve from termination

    Agreement not yet reached on replacement

    Business 01 09:38

  • Broadcom wins Sci-Atlanta set-top deal

    Integrating circuitry for next generation interactive units

    Business 01 09:49

  • Citrix wins Circuit City in major MetaFrame order

    One of the biggest deployments so far, says company

    Business 01 09:51

  • Netscape offers Netcenter support for Internet Explorer

    Now they're integrating rival companies' products -- sheesh...

    Business 01 09:53

  • SCO bids for early Merced Unix lead

    Shipping pre-release system to strategic ISVs and OEMs

    Business 01 10:33

  • Motorola heralds voice-operated Web

    But it's keeping mum on its backers

    Business 01 10:55

  • Trio propose Web timed data spec

    HTML-TIME offers everything but the kitchen sync

    Business 01 10:57

  • Hard disks chief cause of new PC failures

    Windows Magazine survey reveals

    Business 01 11:09

  • Motorola, ST Microelectronics play down joint venture rumour

    Extra jobs to go because of softness in semiconductors

    Business 01 11:43

  • Intel denies Pentium II supply problems

    But chips are on allocation and resemble green bananas

    Business 01 12:09

  • Intel's Moore donates $12.5 million to Cambridge University

    Personal donation will fund science and high tech library

    Business 01 12:11

  • Creative sues Aureal… again

    This time the fight's about allegedly misleading adverts

    Business 01 12:24

  • Update: Intel StrongARM SA-120 to run at 366MHz

    Chip will replace the SA-110

    Business 01 12:40

  • Caldera poised to launch ultra-thin Java client

    Company set to storm price-conscious set-top box market

    Business 01 13:06

  • South Korean big deal no big deal until Santa comes

    Chaebols put off decision until Klaus arrives

    Business 01 14:05

  • BT is Burton on the Button

    Internet ready phoneboxes will waft email scent

    Business 01 14:27

  • Hitachi unveils 12,000rpm 'world's fastest' HD

    Oh, and there's a quad speed DVD drive too.

    Business 01 14:40

  • CA buys Siemens TransView, development team

    IT management tool to be integrated into Unicenter TNG

    Business 01 15:52

  • Microsoft killed the PowerPC 615

    IBM engineer offers up 615 information

    Business 01 17:07

  • Washington Post and LA Times sue story stealer

    Or 'Who cares about the words, what about the ad revenue?'

    Business 01 17:13