30th September 1998 Archive

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  • Roundup: Yesterday's markets

    Financial news from around the world

    Business 30 08:49

  • Sage makes two niche buys


    Business 30 09:31

  • Psion Dacom joins Bluetooth

    Leading PC Card modem outfit plans to add local wireless networking

    Business 30 09:44

  • Kodak and Intel launch digital photo service

    But we've been here before with PhotoCD, guys...

    Business 30 10:06



    Business 30 10:20

  • Katmai outgunned by Motorola's AltiVec

    Copper bottomed G4 close to release

    Business 30 10:39

  • Informix becomes latest Linux recruit

    Everybody's doing it, doing it...

    Business 30 10:46

  • The Linux challenge to NT in the enterprise

    Just a small investment by Intel? Ah, but look at the other announcement...

    Business 30 10:50

  • IBM, StorageTek extend agreement

    Improvements to arrive in 1999

    Business 30 11:07

  • LG rolls out $899 super-CE machine

    Loaded mobile device looks increasingly subnotebookish

    Business 30 11:50

  • CA and SGI take enterprise management to the Web

    Unicenter TNG adopted for SGI Web site provisioning

    Business 30 11:52

  • Sun and Oracle team to pilot subscription app delivery

    Enterprise apps to be available on fee basis

    Business 30 11:54

  • Muth ‘the mouth’ accidentally boosts Linux

    And seems to suggest giving away IE for free...

    Business 30 12:10

  • Judge hastens Oracle vs Microsoft

    Case to proceed with "no further delay"

    Business 30 12:40

  • Equanet delivers sales/profits growth

    Margins are up too

    Business 30 12:59

  • STORAGEsearch.com helps you search for… er… storage companies

    It does what it says on the tin

    Business 30 14:05

  • Hyundai, LG still at loggerheads

    Deadline comes,goes, while SK government looks redfaced

    Business 30 14:09

  • Transmeta letters to the editors

    Orvalds becomes a legend in his own Linus-time

    Business 30 14:21

  • 615 it still alive in a Transmeta way

    But in a start-up sort of a thang

    Business 30 15:01

  • SCO release UnixWare for IA-64

    Oh Merced, a new OS

    Business 30 15:11

  • How to Drop DOS (and still play games)

    Emulators are the key, a reader writes

    Business 30 15:33

  • IBM Java business apps reach version 3

    Are ya goin' to Saan-Fraan-ciscooo?

    Business 30 15:38