29th September 1998 Archive

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  • Nortel rebrands in wake of Bay deal

    So it bought Bay Networks so it could use the name. "Networks," that is...

    Business 29 05:38

  • Microsoft pulls Office service pack over version clashes

    Installation procedure confused by old Microsoft software, but aren't we all?

    Business 29 05:41

  • AOL backs down over charge levels

    Deal with SEC means substantially reduced write-offs

    Business 29 05:43

  • Siemens summons partners for PC plant

    Ah, but will they come?

    Business 29 05:45

  • Netscape plans counter-attack as browser share falls again

    But Microsoft needs AOL to achieve leadership for IE

    Business 29 05:47

  • Microsoft claims Caldera leaked evidence

    And busts Oracle with some lawyers it prepared earlier...

    Business 29 05:50

  • Dealer put in slammer for pirating CDs

    Coppers swooped the Maidstone coop

    Business 29 09:21

  • Micron posts Q4 loss but says DRAM signs encouraging

    Makes loss of $89 million

    Business 29 09:35

  • TI to put more cash into DSP market

    CEO has eyes on growing already big market share

    Business 29 09:59

  • CPU revenues to show decline in growth

    But Dataquest forecasts worldwide semi sales to grow in 1999

    Business 29 10:27

  • Slot One Cyrix now unlikely

    Distributors and dealers continue to push

    Business 29 10:51

  • BEA buys WebLogic

    Deal follows increased enterprise vendor interest in Web application servers

    Business 29 11:13

  • Roundup: Yesterday's markets

    Shares up on expected US rate cut

    Business 29 11:17

  • Big Blue introduces high speed token ring NIC

    From the company committed to the token

    Business 29 11:17

  • E-commerce giants shift focus to ISPs

    First persuade enterprises to do e-commerce, then persuade them that their ISPs should have done it after all

    Business 29 12:02

  • MS readies response to Bristol suit

    Contract terms fair, claims Seattle giant, so there...

    Business 29 12:33

  • BDE consolidates Tetra channel with Leeds buy

    Super little company overtaken by events

    Business 29 12:38

  • Intel-Symantec deal begs questions about primitives

    What happens when security is on the chip?

    Business 29 13:07

  • Small Japanese DRAM domino falls to Taiwanese

    UMC picks up Nippon Steel's unit for a song

    Business 29 13:50

  • Ideal selects Rotterdam for European beachhead

    Declines to challenge restrictive clauses

    Business 29 14:28

  • Evesham opens Dublin franchise

    Doubles production

    Business 29 16:08

  • Intel puts its weight behind Linux – and Linus

    Linux support initiative puts OS on same footing as Solaris and NT

    Business 29 19:06

  • Infobank shakeup follows unrealistic forecasts

    Silver lining with BT deal

    Business 29 20:13

  • Gresham acquires Online Financial Services

    Shares rise

    Business 29 20:26

  • Intel, Netscape buy stakes in Red Hat Linux

    Don't you think they're all plotting something?

    Business 29 20:47