25th September 1998 Archive

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  • No Corel profit yet, but Cowpland optimistic

    Sales are up, but a consolidation charge means profit escaped for another quarter

    Business 25 06:55

  • EFF attacks ‘US-centric’ domain name plan

    Net librties group weighs in against 'undemocratic' proposals

    Business 25 06:58

  • Cirrus bales out of IBM and Lucent chip joint ventures

    Plans to cut wafer fab capacity by 70 per cent

    Business 25 07:31

  • Microsoft bidding for Euro publishing giant?

    If Bill's looking for content he obviously hasn't read Farmer's Weekly

    Business 25 07:34

  • Trigem III – now look out for the $399 PC

    Wal Mart deal may have been smoke, but we've still got millions of boxes to shift...

    Business 25 08:15

  • Intel chief claims Microsoft alliance still strong

    But StrongARM, appliances and Java tell a different story

    Business 25 09:18

  • Quantum puts Bigfoot in it

    Capacities up to 19.2Gb

    Business 25 09:47

  • Belgium's most famous IT man speaks naturally

    Gaston Bastiaens to sign major car deal

    Business 25 11:17

  • Big Blue takes cake on Netfinity's birthday

    Trade up offers stroke channel

    Business 25 11:52

  • Food company bitten by FAST piracy team

    It's very sorry and it won't do it again

    Business 25 11:55

  • IBM to use copper in chipsets for Merced 8-way systems

    Will also use SOI and migrate RS features to servers

    Business 25 12:07

  • Ionica struggles on against insolvency rumours

    Company still looking for partner, but price must be an issue

    Business 25 12:28

  • BT escapes with caution after abuse complaints

    Promises OFTEL it won't let Internet sales staff look at customers' phone records

    Business 25 12:30

  • NatSemi to pay IBM Micro $55 million – now official

    Will take one time charge -- another Register scoop

    Business 25 13:58

  • Updated: Transmeta to use IBM fabs after Cyrix loss

    Company had already hired Linux founder

    Business 25 14:28

  • C2000 keeps resellers In Touch with ecommerce

    Telephone is an inefficient way of doing business

    Business 25 14:59