23rd September 1998 Archive

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  • Roundup: yesterday's markets

    Stock trends around the world

    Business 23 07:10

  • Sony plans online trading venture

    Or at least, it thinks about planning it

    Business 23 08:00

  • Microsoft and IBM to clash in e-commerce

    Report predicts big showdown

    Business 23 08:01

  • Intel to axe nearly half of workforce at Alpha fab

    But pledges production of StrongARM to continue

    Business 23 08:15

  • Storage startup to challenge Iomega

    Sealed units better than cartridges says firm

    Business 23 08:21

  • Andersen forges $1.6 billion IT unit

    Consultancy giant puts three into one

    Business 23 08:52

  • 3Com exceeds expectations

    But sales are down, so the jury's still out

    Business 23 09:19

  • Alcatel chair steers into choppy waters

    Cavalier attitude to class action fails to impress

    Business 23 09:22

  • A billion cellular phones by 2005, says Nokia

    And a glowing multimedia future - but what about jam today?

    Business 23 09:24

  • NewsNow steals our headlines!

    And long may it continue

    Business 23 10:17

  • ICM results better than expected

    Attractive bid target

    Business 23 11:05

  • DoJ demands Gates video testimony be made public

    Microsoft pushes to keep evidence in camera

    Business 23 11:45

  • Netscape teams up with Bull, Lucent

    Bull to push into US security software market, Lucent to push ecommerce at telcos -- both use Netscape software

    Business 23 11:56

  • Intel's Barrett says company made $2 billion from Net since July

    Claims that Western Europe is lagging behind US

    Business 23 13:27

  • Barrett plays down Compaq competition

    Competition the name of the game

    Business 23 13:31

  • Sybase sets up embedded division

    Takes aim at mobile computing

    Business 23 13:37

  • Novell begins BorderManager beta

    Next stage in move to Internet/intranet network models

    Business 23 13:39

  • CEO of Intel urges vendors to go direct

    Takes swipe at France as no place to do business

    Business 23 13:41

  • Intel roadmap goes chocaholic

    Fosters, four XXXX, Kahlua and Lilac Wine. What next?

    Business 23 13:48

  • Intel price slashing to remain unabated

    Katmai, Tanner prices leaked comprehensively

    Business 23 14:01

  • Bouygues pullout may give Telecom Italia French foothold

    Confused construction outfit to concentrate on cellular

    Business 23 14:16

  • Internet access takes to the skies

    The plane truth...

    Business 23 15:18

  • Intel chief says NC dead

    Craig Barrett echoes Bill Gates

    Business 23 15:31

  • Compaq to implement Visa scheme in Holland

    Globeset will be partner

    Business 23 15:49

  • US storage card vendor raises finance in Europe

    Plans EuroNM IPO

    Business 23 15:51

  • CAA undertakes survey to verify PC-aeroplane compatibility

    Qantas 747 nearly hits London and begs several questions

    Business 23 16:33

  • iMac number two seller in August

    As Apple's consumer sales rocket, Dell shows signs of panic

    Business 23 16:34

  • Northamber pins price erosion on Intel

    Turnover is vanity, profit is reality, cash is sanity

    Business 23 16:54