22nd September 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft scoops $60 million from search companies

    Paying money for prominence in the UI? Didn't we hear this one before?

    Business 22 05:53

  • ARM wins deal with the big one – HP

    Broad, long term licence agreement for hand-helds, networking, peripherals

    Business 22 06:37

  • Nortel shuts UK WLL plant

    A vote of no confidence in Ionica's prospects?

    Business 22 07:03

  • Huge Wal-Mart PC deal to bust $500 mark

    Trigem to ship 1.13 million units into US store chain

    Business 22 07:54

  • Findows strategy feeds scales of justice


    Business 22 08:30

  • Journey without roadmaps


    Business 22 08:36

  • Larry's wild about… most things


    Business 22 08:39

  • Roundup: markets

    Yanks take e-trading to Japan, tech stocks ahead of the market

    Business 22 09:29

  • Broadcom squeezes cable modem chip-set into single device

    Cable modems could now become a commodity

    Business 22 10:53

  • IBM wafts scent over ThinkPads

    Refreshes the entire range

    Business 22 11:36

  • AMD to launch K6-2 for mobile market too

    Compaq will use K6 300MHz part

    Business 22 12:10

  • IBM offers downgrade from Win98 to Win95

    Not everyone likes Software Stan's miracle OS

    Business 22 12:38

  • Celeron "has bombed" claims IBM

    But Dataquest says jury still out on its success

    Business 22 13:06

  • Survey: ISP churn rate still high

    Most users have been with their ISP less than two years

    Business 22 14:21

  • 3Dfx sues arch-rival

    Alleged Nvidia patent infringement could hit Microsoft's DirectX 6.0 roll-out

    Business 22 14:43

  • Latest Opera beta takes the stage

    It ain't over til the fat lady pings...

    Business 22 14:45

  • Apple to open Korean branch

    Spring in Jobs' sole due to over-demand

    Business 22 15:19

  • Further Japanese DRAM domino falls

    We've almost a set now, at The Register

    Business 22 15:39

  • Kicking Pat plugs 101 dalmations into USB


    Business 22 16:20

  • Novell's Merced Modesto could be half way 64 bit house

    Intel and Novell closer partners than ever suspected

    Business 22 16:25

  • Azlan takes Sylvan test

    Pan-European deal

    Business 22 23:01