18th September 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft under threat from Intel on data mining front

    Further secret project undermines Win64

    Business 18 01:34

  • Greenspan gloom hits Euro stocks

    And Alcatel staggers after profit warning

    Business 18 07:56

  • Judge nixes Microsoft bid to narrow case

    More evidence is welcome, and the trial's getting longer...

    Business 18 08:19

  • Net naming conundrum conclusion in sight

    Domain naming authorities agree on next generation body

    Business 18 11:02

  • Citrix ships SCO and Linux thin clients

    Now claims coverage of all major Unix platforms

    Business 18 11:47

  • IBM demos wearable ThinkPad

    But it doesn't seem to fit onto your feet...

    Business 18 11:59

  • Intel network scheme means war with Microsoft

    Intel's plans for thin server appliances don't leave any room for Gates & Co

    Business 18 13:50

  • Elcom rejects buyers

    Rejects unattractive proposals

    Business 18 16:30

  • Jenkins departs Compaq for HP

    Compaq-Digital shakeout continues

    Business 18 16:56

  • Mantech buys UK document management business

    Second UK acquisition this year

    Business 18 17:02