17th September 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft promises NT 5 in 1999 – beta 3 by Thanksgiving

    Intel delegates told code looking good

    Business 17 00:14

  • Gore relaxes encryption restrictions

    The US appears to be getting there by degree

    Business 17 09:35

  • Intergraph demands instant conviction for Intel

    Summary judgement sought in antitrust case

    Business 17 09:44

  • FCC plans faster US modem access

    Just turn up the juice, apparently...

    Business 17 09:46

  • HP admits job cuts on the cards

    But is Europe safe from Platt the Axe?

    Business 17 11:10

  • AOL responds to DoJ IE claims

    A business decision, says Case

    Business 17 12:36

  • Netscape goes onto the attack

    Communicator makes it easier to elbow out IE and Microsoft

    Business 17 12:39

  • Acorn scrubs Risc PC 2

    Seventy-five staff walk the plank

    Business 17 12:41

  • OEM deal strengthens Hitachi enterprise storage line-up

    Frustrated by lack of visibility

    Business 17 14:28

  • Compaq takes on Germany with local assembler-built Pcs

    Attempt to boost sickly market share

    Business 17 14:31

  • Seagate builds film drives for Kodak

    If a picture takes a thousand words, a sketch will do for you

    Business 17 15:29

  • Acquisitions pay off for Compel

    Smooth integrator

    Business 17 15:34

  • Intel makes bid to capture security lead

    First hardware implementations to arrive next year

    Business 17 15:40

  • Industry majors team up on digital displays specs

    Specification to appear in Q1 next year

    Business 17 16:01

  • Datatec scoops up RBR Networks

    Cisco gap plugged

    Business 17 16:25

  • Pat ‘Kicking’ Gelsinger gives Register massage


    Business 17 17:42

  • Intel spells out details of Merced simulation programme

    Wants to increase developer base with pre-silicon scheme

    Business 17 19:19

  • Taiwan suffers chip catastrophe

    Fifteen billion dollar plan on ice

    Business 17 22:43

  • Hatch says leave Intel bunnies alone

    Hey, leave Intel alone!

    Business 17 22:45

  • SGI MIPS not Compaq chips

    And so it came to pass...

    Business 17 22:47