16th September 1998 Archive

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  • Intel gets Real on streaming video

    Great Stan smells major upgrade sales opportunity

    Business 16 10:52

  • Dane-Elec adds Hitachi Compact Flash and ATA

    Europe-wide deal

    Business 16 11:50

  • US set to ease encryption export rules

    Specific industries to become exempt from regs; 'key recovery' no longer an pre-requisite

    Business 16 12:02

  • Oracle to flog NC architecture as outsourcing service

    Trust me with your business data, says Ellison

    Business 16 12:49

  • Tivoli rolls out Enterprise suite

    Supports SAP initally, but more to follow

    Business 16 13:04

  • Lotus posts Notes 5 and Domino betas

    Gold code for Q4?

    Business 16 13:08

  • Webdevelopment raises £1.5 million for US expansion

    More VC fund-raising to follow

    Business 16 13:40

  • Vendors prepare Wintel-based iMac rip-offs

    Koreans think different -- but not that different

    Business 16 14:02

  • Blair Y2K job scheme turns to dust

    Can't work? Won't work

    Business 16 14:15

  • Intel calls for industry to support post PCI specification

    Company claims already has products in its labs

    Business 16 15:56

  • Inprise bridges DCE and CORBA

    Integrates legacy systems with e-commerce, says Graham. Hope he's not making it up...

    Business 16 16:55

  • Intel to extend 370 pin Celeron socket to notebooks

    Will segment notebook market for high and low end

    Business 16 17:20

  • 16/09/98 Daily Digest

    RM PLC, ITG, Infobank, Reflex and many,many more

    Business 16 17:29

  • Here comes Intel's Miramar

    Secret software project relates to info management

    Business 16 19:28

  • Calluna "making good progress", claims chairman

    Critical time

    Business 16 21:51

  • Windows NT leads 50 per cent growth in demand for storage

    IBM tops poll

    Business 16 21:59

  • Rambus validates integration

    OEMs show support

    Business 16 22:21

  • Adaptec credit outlook worsens

    Says it will be more cautious

    Business 16 22:30