10th September 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft calls "gang of four" to account for their actions

    Novell not part of the gang anymore

    Business 10 08:38

  • Dell takes stealth approach to Linux

    Can’t buy the OS on its famous Web site

    Business 10 08:40

  • Domain Interruptus will make Y2K problems look trivial

    Industry needs to act by end of the month

    Business 10 08:46

  • US to impose DRAM anti-dumping levies on LG, Hyundai

    Speculation mounts about similar action in Europe

    Business 10 09:41

  • Worldwide chip sales slump in July

    SIA blames oversupply, Asian woes

    Business 10 10:16

  • Motorola confirms Iridium delay

    And boy, are the handsets going to cost...

    Business 10 10:29

  • Novell to ship IE with NetWare 5

    Subpoenas all over the shop, but we're everybody's friend

    Business 10 10:31

  • Mandelson has plans for e-commerce

    But what are they?

    Business 10 10:33

  • Sun says Microsoft tried Java hijack

    But the question is, did the contract say this was OK?

    Business 10 10:35

  • Yamaha claims quad speed RW breakthrough

    Snappy little name - CRW 4416...

    Business 10 10:35

  • Gates forced Digital to kill NC, says Ellison

    Project and device nixed after threats, he claims

    Business 10 10:36

  • Lycos targets SMEs on Web

    Will we able to hire more staff now?

    Business 10 11:01

  • In brief: Lucent-NEC to cooperate on system chips

    DRAM systems name of the game

    Business 10 11:14

  • Potential digital TV viewers give interactivity thumbs down

    Channel surfing, yes -- Web surfing, no

    Business 10 11:31

  • Ellison lawyer nixed Apple acquisition

    But Larry got on the board anyway

    Business 10 11:33

  • Xerox and IBM team up on Document Center integration

    Digital and paper document worlds collide

    Business 10 11:37

  • Worldwide PC sales show strong growth

    Dell, Apple selling like crazy

    Business 10 12:17

  • DVD battles continue

    This time it's all about audio formats

    Business 10 12:25

  • LG, Hyundai continue unseemly battle

    Tweedledum and Tweedledee fight over big cake

    Business 10 12:58

  • Softbank prepares to convert to holding company

    Accounts should be more meaningful

    Business 10 13:51

  • Intel woos dealers with soft dollars

    Ratch up those marketing points

    Business 10 15:01

  • Component prices fall 25 per cent annually

    Supply regularly outstrips demand

    Business 10 15:12

  • Quantum shaves headcount in HDD restructure

    Splits roadmaps in twain

    Business 10 16:18

  • Updated: MS and Compaq agree on NT/DUX integration

    Big deal will marginalise HP and Intel’s Merced

    Business 10 16:42

  • 10/09/98 Daily Digest

    CRN tips up in UK

    Business 10 16:51

  • Microsoft delivers search engine beta for MSN

    Licenses the Inktomi engine

    Business 10 17:38

  • Markets still bouncing around

    Recent events cause "frog on speed" effect

    Business 10 17:47