3rd September 1998 Archive

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  • Internet domain tax to be used for proper means

    Judge confirms its legality

    Business 03 09:29

  • Ballmer suggests NT 5.0 delayed

    Top half of next year, he says

    Business 03 09:37

  • Seybold delegates just say no to Adobe-Quark merger

    No energy in movement to synergy

    Business 03 09:40

  • IBM couple with C&W in widely leaked deal

    Meanwhile fast fibre optic cable in place

    Business 03 09:42

  • Microsoft licence policy crumbles under fire

    Microsoft staff break own Terminal Server licence agreement shock horror

    Business 03 10:46

  • Novell snuggling up to Citrix for enterprise pitch?

    Synergy at Thinergy

    Business 03 10:50

  • Citrix to intro high spec network management tools

    Highly granular, too

    Business 03 11:09

  • Add on memory modules get price hike

    Server demand the possible cause

    Business 03 11:29

  • Cyrix wins Casio as customer

    Low powered version to be used in A5 mini-notebook

    Business 03 11:52

  • LG Semicon and Hyundai to merge

    Top five chaebols split businesses

    Business 03 12:17

  • Compaq first off block with mobile PII/300

    Company will keep elements of Digital ultra thin notebooks

    Business 03 14:41

  • IBM Micro denies it will stop making CPUs

    Jobs could go if stories true

    Business 03 14:56

  • 3Com has 56K patent in its pocket

    Brett Townshend connection comes good

    Business 03 15:05

  • VESA flat-packs monitor standard

    Compaq and HP are committed

    Business 03 15:08

  • French language discovers email

    But when will they eat snail mail?

    Business 03 15:22

  • SCH Technologies touts storage management consultancy

    It's a storage thing, you wouldn't understand

    Business 03 15:26

  • Quake founder fakes death

    It was the morbid picture wot done it

    Business 03 15:31

  • STMicroelectronics tipped to buy Siemens fab

    Great Stan of Spin Mandelson could be involved

    Business 03 15:33

  • 4Front posts improved Q2 profits

    Growth prospects are "strong"

    Business 03 15:38

  • Creative proposes Value for SoundBlaster Live!

    But Europe will have to wait

    Business 03 15:45

  • Eicon name removed from Holocaust slave labour suit

    Mistaken identity quickly rectified

    Business 03 16:03

  • Big Blue offers "try and buy" for thin clients

    Wants customers to sample software

    Business 03 16:28

  • In-Stat gives Intel No.1 position on Lan/motherboard solutions

    News will dismay 3Com

    Business 03 16:42