28th August 1998 Archive

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  • Kyocera forecasts decline in profits

    Semiconductor market to blame

    Business 28 09:30

  • Intuit shows loss on vastly increased turnover

    Seeks to remodel itself as wider software firm

    Business 28 09:48

  • Acer's chief takes pay cut as Taiwan warns of recession

    Widens forecast of loss in 1998

    Business 28 10:15

  • Dixons hires man to wiggle his PC hips

    Turned round the Hula Hoops brand

    Business 28 10:35

  • PC card modems market to grow to six million units by 2002

    Psion Dacom in pole position

    Business 28 11:20

  • BT goes down in ISP weakness

    Down, down for over twelve long hours

    Business 28 13:29

  • Highlander becomes master reseller for Wise

    Windows applications the core

    Business 28 13:31

  • Snickers to OEM Big Blue Magstars

    Storage deal means Siemens Nixdorf will OEM drives

    Business 28 13:38

  • Prosoft buys Irish courseware company

    Deal means all ICII's shares acquired

    Business 28 13:41

  • Cadence buys Bell Labs EDA group

    Three year deal involves services to Lucent

    Business 28 13:52

  • Qualcomm and Ericsson jaw-jaw

    Two companies close to deal over CDMA

    Business 28 14:06

  • IBM stores solutions for EMU

    But no sign of Rod Hull

    Business 28 14:32

  • Microsoft money "waivers" Sun contract breach suit

    You took the money, now pay the price

    Business 28 14:34

  • Energis pays £75 million for Planet Online

    Independent ISP falls to telco

    Business 28 14:38

  • AMD sees red mist over 350MHz parts

    But fails to provide evidence to contrary

    Business 28 22:33