26th August 1998 Archive

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  • Psion cooler on ICA and flirting with Tarantella

    Citrix deal on the rocks or in a hard place?

    Business 26 Aug 06:30

  • Compaq climbs Himalaya – nonstop

    But MIPS will still get its chips

    Business 26 Aug 10:16

  • IBM Micro to get Cyrix order of boot

    NatSemi will soon go its own .25 micron sweet way

    Business 26 Aug 10:18

  • Newbridge does worse but says it does better

    Cost cutting primes company for spin-off

    Business 26 Aug 10:23

  • Seagate ramps up China presence

    Labour in China comes cheaper than Ireland or Singapore

    Business 26 Aug 10:26

  • Midwich Thame gets Canon franchise

    Sixth distie in UK

    Business 26 Aug 10:28

  • MS TechNet gets UK launch

    Tacit admission it's not doing enough

    Business 26 Aug 10:31

  • SIS introduces AGP Pentium II chipset

    Claims it's first off the non Intel bloc

    Business 26 Aug 11:17

  • Aptiva gets AMD 350MHz revamp

    Ah the luxury of it all

    Business 26 Aug 11:18

  • Dealers back Microsoft in coalition

    Must be the first time ever for Great Satan of Software

    Business 26 Aug 11:21

  • Hard drives a tender subject for Western Digital

    Will it follow the European lead?

    Business 26 Aug 11:22

  • Microsoft threatened Intel

    Great Stan attempted to bully Great Stan in software standoff

    Business 26 Aug 11:43

  • Canon takes sixth distributor

    Midwich Thames gets franchise

    Business 26 Aug 11:54

  • Microsoft acquisition extends NT clustering

    Valence will aid its attempts

    Business 26 Aug 13:29

  • Adobe spurns Quark love-tryst

    It mustbe luv, lurv, lurve - wholelottalurve

    Business 26 Aug 13:35

  • Survey: Flat panel LCDs will boom

    At least, everyone hopes so...

    Business 26 Aug 13:45

  • Berkeley bought by Fore in swap of stock

    It's NT behind it all, dontcha know...

    Business 26 Aug 13:47