21st August 1998 Archive

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  • Samsung ships DDR part

    But Rambus may come sooner than we think

    Business 21 10:10

  • Memory prices fall in false dawn

    Prices slip despite efforts to talk them up

    Business 21 10:23

  • Intel to slash Celeron 266 price in September

    Expected to announce Katmai prices then

    Business 21 10:46

  • Bangers company mashed up by Toys ‘R’ Us

    Big firm puts boot into Liverpool sausage shop

    Business 21 12:00

  • Voller goes to NCI

    Channel man on the move

    Business 21 12:16

  • Keane pays $30 million for British Icom

    First European acquisition

    Business 21 13:43

  • Book company to float Net division

    Barnes & Noble takes Amazonian approach

    Business 21 13:45

  • Novell does well in Q3

    Schmidt triggers change

    Business 21 13:47

  • Lan switches drive networking world

    Cisco still biggest kid on the block

    Business 21 13:49

  • Sun rises on Horizon’s horizon

    Reseller gets shot, in the arm

    Business 21 13:53

  • Intel goes all Mendocino

    Celeron gets a revamp

    Business 21 15:14

  • Cisco speeds up Internet access with acquisition

    Ah, the wonderful world of the wibbly wobbly web

    Business 21 15:57