20th August 1998 Archive

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  • Compaq kicks Intel's Merced butt while it’s down

    Alpha better than Merced, company says

    Business 20 07:24

  • Mips chip flip flops as Tandem team chooses Alpha

    Riscy chip gets order of the boot

    Business 20 07:26

  • SCO ducks as Compaq lets fly

    Compaq declares D/UX new industry standard for Unix

    Business 20 07:35

  • Intel fights back after Compaq attack

    Still buddies, Great Stan says

    Business 20 14:00

  • Semi sector shows further signs of woe

    Analog and LSI the latest victims

    Business 20 14:05

  • Canon weathers Japanese storms

    Profits, turnover up

    Business 20 14:07

  • Big SK five come under financial scrutiny

    Chaebols to get rough treatment from banks this week

    Business 20 14:10

  • Notice: Dearest readers…

    Want to view our old site?

    Business 20 14:13

  • Samsung claims top dog position in LCDs

    But that would mean Sharp is in big trouble

    Business 20 14:40

  • MicroAge profits take a dive

    Thinkpad shortages are to blame

    Business 20 15:36

  • Microsoft sued by yet another developer

    Bristol bristles

    Business 20 15:41

  • Seagate puts all optical eggs in Quinta basket

    Speeds up time to market

    Business 20 15:46

  • Blind Date turns up trumps for Tatham

    Whole Lorra Love

    Business 20 15:50

  • Return of the Mac

    Punters are gagging for it

    Business 20 15:54

  • Microsoft DSP ruling irks C2000

    Ask not what you can do for your distributor...

    Business 20 15:58

  • EDS scores BP mega-deal

    Replaces 40 suppliers

    Business 20 16:05

  • Intel exits mini-flash market

    Digital cameras safe from Satan's clutches

    Business 20 16:15

  • GCAT bumps up Computacenter sales

    France is very outstanding

    Business 20 16:22

  • HP opens new Pavilion with AMD's backing

    Yet another launch for Christmas

    Business 20 16:29

  • Christmas spoiled by confusion over DVD spec

    All I want for Christmas is my DVD

    Business 20 16:34

  • Fibre channel gathers in clusters

    steering through the standards

    Business 20 16:38

  • Lucent sued by DATA RACE

    Call-barring for Virtual Telephones

    Business 20 17:00