14th August 1998 Archive

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  • Datrontech issues profit warning as share prices fall

    Is it a buy, buy, buy again?

    Business 14 09:46

  • Siemens steps up attempt to sell fab

    But the clock carries on with its relentless tick

    Business 14 09:54

  • Fujitsu to produce 16ns, 100MHz SDRAM

    The smallest SDRAM in the world?

    Business 14 10:03

  • RIMMs start to ship in volume

    Meanwhile, Hyundai dumping case delayed

    Business 14 10:04

  • US dealer further in Microsoft soup

    It's a messy business

    Business 14 10:12

  • Geocities cuts FTC deal on privacy violation claim

    Not that it did anything wrong anyway, says the company...

    Business 14 10:25

  • LCD monitor market showing price erosion

    Survey says price will fall

    Business 14 10:26

  • Virgin Net dumps Excite in favour of Lycos

    War of words over search engine

    Business 14 10:28

  • European Commission investigates call charges

    Seven countries in the frame over international pricing

    Business 14 10:29

  • Judge considers two week delay for Microsoft case

    Yes folks, here comes the slippage...

    Business 14 10:30

  • Three Korean memory manufacturers show mixed results

    But debts mount

    Business 14 11:07

  • Lotus scrambles to repair security loophole

    This Internet stuff is catching...

    Business 14 11:38

  • Ideal claims ‘no decline’ in trading

    Still buy, buy, buy for Datrontech

    Business 14 11:40

  • Canion loose on GK deck

    Takes a six-pack of staff with him

    Business 14 11:42