11th August 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft moves to have case thrown out

    Probably without a great deal of success at this juncture...

    Business 11 10:08

  • Novell gears-up for big NetWare 5 push

    With NT 5 still to ship, the company's going to make a lot of noise

    Business 11 10:17

  • Gates and Allen to raise $350 million in petty cash

    Just diversifying, says Bill, but he'll have to sell faster than this...

    Business 11 10:19

  • Sun offers Solaris for free

    'Non-commercial' users to benefit, but it's nothing to do with Linux

    Business 11 10:20

  • Apple sees early success for iMac

    But it needs to sustain high order rates if the product's to be a winner

    Business 11 10:21