Keep your data safe from lockup malware flinging thieves

Stay ahead of the latest ploys

Promo Ransomware has become one of the most damaging threats on the internet. In recent years viruses have proliferated, spreading through spam emails and off-the-shelf malware kits that even criminals with minimal IT expertise can use to hijack and encrypt data, then demand a ransom to unlock it.

The sums of money have grown – and payment does not always guarantee delivery of the encryption key you need. The bad guys are constantly innovating and they operate in a highly professional manner, skilfully exploiting the security holes that exist in many organisations, small and large.

If you want to stay ahead, it could be time to attend a Sophos webinar entitled Don't Tear your Hair out over Ransomware, which will examine the alarming new strains of ransomware that have emerged so far in 2017. Beware especially of the following:

  • Spora launched in January and updated in June, uses spam emails that offer a “try before you buy” feature to scramble data files
  • Petya A computer worm and its variants responsible since June for massive ransomware attacks across Russia, Ukraine and beyond
  • Philadelphia An example of RaaS (ransomware-as-a service) that once lurked only on the dark web but can now be openly purchased by anyone tempted by its sleek marketing and illicit rewards
  • Locky After a spell in obscurity, this familiar virus has recently re-emerged to ensnare the unwary through .zip files in email attachments
  • WannaCry The infamous worm for which Microsoft had issued a patch in March, but still raged through 150 countries in May and almost brought the UK’s health service to its knees

Sign up to watch the webinar on the 21st of September to learn the tips and techniques you need to protect yourself against fresh ransomware attacks and discover what anti-virus tools are available to block the latest mutations. ®

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