Can your complex distributed systems take the weight?

Learn how to stay strong

Man benchpress weights.

Promo There’s not much that can go wrong with the back of an envelope. Not so with modern systems: they become increasingly complicated as they take on more tasks, often spanning multiple technologies, groups and different organisations - and are liable to fail in unexpected and spectacular ways.

If you are a web ops professional, a systems engineer, an application developer, a member of a cloud or infrastructure team, a CTO looking to streamline operations, or an academic or researcher, the forthcoming O'Reilly Velocity Conference in London is the place for you. Hear from your peers and industry leaders to discover how to build and run complex distributed applications and systems that are both fast and resilient.

Four intensive days of conference will be devoted to:

  • keynote presentations
  • immersive training courses and tutorials
  • technical sessions covering practical and emerging topics
  • the latest tools and products on show
  • sociable networking events

A full roster of speakers scheduled to share their wide-ranging expertise includes Sara-Jane Dunn from Microsoft Research, Angie Jones from Twitter and Michael Hausenblas from Red Hat. Register now for your place.

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