Speaking in Tech: WTH is NVMe? Basically it just makes things go a bit quicker

Plus: Is America anti-innovation?


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This week on the Speaking In Tech podcast, Ed Saipetch’s driving along with Amy Lewis and Peter Smallbone with special guest Martin Cooper, senior director Worldwide System Engineering and Alliances, Next Generation Data Center for NetApp.

The details...

  • (00:18) Bomb in Peter’s backyard
  • (02:41) Amy discreetly sneaking into DellEMCWorld
  • (04:17) Peter’s civic duties
  • (04:50) Martin’s long title
  • (06:03) What is Next Gen Data Center?
  • (07:54) Amy wrecking Martin’s trainers
  • (10:15) What the heck is NVMe?
  • (13:43) Transformation of storage companies
  • (15:55) Opensource disruption to commercial storage
  • (19:23) Is America anti-innovation?
  • (26:41) Innovation vs. entrepreneurship
  • (31:27) SpaceX’s first geostationary satellite launch
  • (34:41) Digging into Fyre App and Festival
  • (39:56) World’s largest single memory computer

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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