Visit More like International BANTS Machines, amirite?

Top bants, guys. Archbishop of Banterbury-tier stuff

Woman with "crying with laughter" emoji for a head... photo by Shutterstock

IBM staffers might not feel there's much to laugh about at the moment, with more swathes of redundancies on the way or the directive to kill off home working, but at least there's still plenty of banter to be had at the firm.

Well, to be precise. The unlikely sounding domain for the growth-strapped biz was acquired by US software outfit iPhrase, which in turn was acquired by IBM in 2005. Hence they've kept the domain name.

The Register can report that the domain names "bants" and "top bants" are still available – just in case HPE or someone else wants to get in on the highly competitive banter market.

IBM has not yet responded to our request for banter. ®

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