Oracle reveals more rounded Australian *aas

Big Red's IaaS and PaaS land in Oz, as an entree to SPARC cloud and AWS-killer plans

Oracle has flicked the switch on everything-as-a-service in Australia.

Big Red has offered software-as-a-service in Australia since 2012.

Yesterday it turned on infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service (IaaS and PaaS) too, splashing down its servers in a third-party bit barn rather than build its own. HPE adopted the latter approach, but the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google have been happy to splash down with dedicated data centre operators down under.

Oracle says it has pent-up demand waiting to be satisfied, although there's not much evidence of enthusiasm for Oracle's cloud around the world: multiple analysts put its market share firmly in the “other” basket. In this race the runaway leader is AWS, which converted a fast start into a long lead over Microsoft, Google and IBM. Oracle's the class act that kills it in other disciplines but can't figure out how to get into the race and is therefore surrounded by also-rans.

Oracle does have an enormous number of customers, plus a sales team and a channel The Register understands is being strongly encouraged to sell cloud. It's also declared AWS public enemy number one and vowed to build a better-performing and cheaper cloud than those operated by Bezos's Cut-Price Bit Barns. And then there's the vague hints of a SPARC-powered cloud coming real soon now (perhaps with the name O-Cloud, The Register hears).

All of which leads The Register's antipodean cloud-watchers to suggest that news of Big Red's expanded Australian operations is a mere appetiser. When the main course comes it will need to be big, cheap and tasty if Oracle is to claw its way out of the “other” column. ®

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