Infrastructure as code: The road to continuous everything

Learn how in Automic Webinar

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Promo So you have automated your infrastructure processes. The logical next step is to automate how you provision and manage your servers and application releases.

This is called “infrastructure as code,” and its proponents claim it reduces costs and risk and increases speed of deployment, compared with manual provisioning.

But where to start? In this live webinar, "Purposeful Provisioning", presenter Scott Wilson, DevOps Evangelist at Automic, explores "Continuous Everything as the way to go forward."

Scott will discuss Infrastructure as Code basics – what it is, and its role in application release automation. Other topics include on-demand provisioning and instantaneous provisioning and de-provisioning, using Docker.

The event is broadcast live on November 30 at 11AM CET, again at 10AM PST before it is made available on demand.

This webinar is one of eight episodes in a webinar series, "The Road to Continuous Delivery". Tune in to gain strategic and practical advice that will help you assemble your DevOps business case and build your planning framework.

Find out more and sign up for The Road to Continuous Delivery webinars here .

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