CoreOS acquihires tool biz

CoreOS, maker of a container-friendly version of Linux, has acquired Redspread, which makes a collaborative deployment tool that simplifies the management of Kubernetes clusters.

Redspread's imaginatively named Spread software allows Kubernetes objects to be versioned. It's similar in concept to code versioning tool Git, but the company claims its tracking of structured data supports additional functions.

The two person Redspread team, cofounders Mackenzie Burnett and Dan Gillespie, will join the CoreOS team. The move will only be a matter of blocks as both companies are based in San Francisco.

"We believe Kubernetes is paramount to simplifying these challenges and ultimately ushering in the age of GIFEE," said CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi.

GIFEE is CoreOS's acronym for Google’s Infrastructure for Everyone, a reference to the company that developed Kubernetes and bestowed the container orchestration technology on the world.

CoreOS's interest in Redspread, beyond the startup's founders, isn't about everyone so much as it's about enhancing its Tectonic toolchain for managing enterprise Kubernetes deployments. ®

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