SAP Australia's MD and COO both resign to 'pursue opportunities outside the company'

None for ages then two at once? How curiou-aaS

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SAP's Australia/New Zealand tentacle is on the hunt for new senior leaders after its general manager and chief operating officer (COO) both handed in their resignation and “ decided to pursue opportunities outside the company.”

No permanent replacements have been announced for former managing director John Ruthven and former chief operating officer Jim Fisher. Ruthven's role will be temporarily filled by Stephen Moore, currently regional veep and head of services sales for the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ). Fisher's chair needs two people to fill it: We also confirm the resignation of Jim Fisher from SAP, who has decided to pursue opportunities outside the company. Paul Marriott, COO for APJ and Gina McNamara, chief financial officers for SAP ANZ, will jointly act as the interim COO. The SAP spokesentity who told us of the chair-shuffling didn't offer any detailed motiviation for the resignations.

The Register has a theory: we understand emerging software-as-a-service players are playing hard down under and that SAP did not get over the line in recent high profile financial services and transport deals. Unforgiving corporate masters, we further understand, have been known to encourage resignations after deals don't go down as expected.

The Reg approached Ruthven. He suggested we contact SAP PR for comment. SAP PR provided us with the information above. Your correspondent will now attempt to escape the Schwarzschild radius of a PR comment feedback loop. ®

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