Cabinet bare of Apple Watch

Apple Watches have reportedly been banned from UK Cabinet meetings as a result of spying fears.

PM Theresa May top ministers have been prohibited from taking Apple Watches into meetings amid concerns that Russian spies might use the devices as a bugging devices, The Telegraph reports. Smartphones have already been banned from Cabinet meetings over similar concerns.

Michael Gove, the former Justice Secretary, put the Mac in Machiavelli as a fan of the Apple Watch. He reportedly used the device to surreptitiously catch up on emails during lulls in the weekly meetings. It’s unclear which, if any, Cabinet ministers are smartwatch fans.

Russian hackers are prime suspects in the hack and subsequent leak of emails from the Democratic National Congress, an incident which has spawned all sorts of issues during the run up to the US presidential election next month, a much publicised incident has has stoked up cyber-spying fears among politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. ®

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