Pivot3 tries to butter up sysadmins with policy-driven protection

Hyper-converged gear QoS extended

Happy now, kids?

Ageing startup Pivot3 has added policy-driven data protection to its hyper-converged systems.

The firm said the move is part of the Quality of Service (QoS) function. It has extended its QoS functions to include this data protection, plus application integration, scheduling and performance enhancements.

Customers can define policies specifying snapshot, replication and retention and apply them to volumes or groups of volumes. They can also set pre-defined schedules for both performance and data protection policies, allowing them to change automatically at pre-determined times. The data protection QoS capabilities integrate with Microsoft Windows applications, VMware ESX and Hyper-V virtual machines.

Anything which lightens the sysadmins' burden is good news and seems appropriate with hyper-converged systems – which are all about making system deployment, operation and management simpler.

The added QoS capabilities are available now with vSTAC SLX Hyperconverged and N5 Flash Storage systems through Pivot3’s authorized resellers and to Pivot3 customers on support contracts. ®

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