Amazon balances AWS application loads

Docker and pals, we've heard of them – AWS

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Amazon has injected AWS with application-level load balancing, giving devs greater control over container-based apps and services.

The giant has announced Application Load Balancing for AWS, a Layer 7 service that goes deeper than the existing Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), which is Layer 4.

It is also cheaper than ELB – which it now dubs Classic Load Balancer – 10 per cent less on an hourly rate.

Application Load Balancer is designed to help cloud floaters using containers.

According to AWS: “The Application Load Balancer understands and supports container-based applications. It allows one instance to host several containers that listen on multiple ports behind the same target group and also performs fine-grained, port-level health checks.”

The new feature also brings support for two additional protocols – WebSocket and HTTP/2.

The former lets you establish long-standing HTTP connections while HTTP/2 brings a range of improvements over HTTP 1.1 – including support for multiplexed requests that reduce network traffic.

Amazon said its new load balancer works across a range of AWS services, including ECS, CloudFormation and CodeDeploy. ®

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