Founding exec Bill Maris quits Google Ventures

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Bill Maris, the founder and chief of Google Ventures — the chocolate factory’s capital investments arm — has surprisingly quit his role.

Maris will be leaving both the firm and its parent company Alphabet on Friday, reported Recode, making him the third executive to quit the megacorp of late.

Recode’s sources claimed that Maris was being replaced by David Krane, the current managing partner of the fund.

His departure follows that of two other high-profile executives at Alphabet. Earlier this year, the CEO of Nest, Tony Fadell, announced his decision to leave the smart home company. Chris Urmson, the CTO and technical lead of Google's self-driving car project, upped sticks and moved on last week.

Like many of those other departed execs, Maris had butted heads with colleagues. In particular he reportedly had a frosty relationship with Google Ventures’ separate European fund, where some claimed he had caused strife by not signing off on deals, culminating in the two funds being consolidated into a single global pot of cash last year.

Whether this caused distress to Google Ventures’ London office we do not know. It coincidentally is but a few seconds walk from Vulture Central, but alas, nobody present was willing to offer any comment to us when we called round - not even after we bought them doughnuts. ®

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