Speaking in Tech: Just expense it! You know you want to...

Yahoo, DNC emails and, er, business cards

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Aaaand an audible intake of breath is heard down at Accounts...


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This week our techcasters – Sarah, Ed and Amy – talk smack about Yahoo, DNC emails and business expenses. Our special guest this week is Sumeet Singh, founder and CEO AppFormix.

The details…

  • (1:00) Epic road trips: “Anything green helps…”
  • (5:07) Verizon, where old web sites go to die
  • (13:41) DNC emails get leaked
  • (22:00) Biz expenses backfire on some women
  • (31:12) FLASHBACK: “Scruffy you’re alive!” Yahoo Commercial
  • (31:29) Introducing Sumeet Singh, founder and CEO AppFormix
  • (39:08) Adoption of containers in the enterprise
  • (45:18) The future for AppFormix

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode 221

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