Mozilla's guide to fun parties

The Mozilla Foundation is throwing an all hands meeting this week. Staff, contractors and volunteers are gathering in London for a week of product planning and relaxation, the latter culminating with a Friday night party.

That event caught our eye because the event wiki explains how to have fun at the Steampunk-themed shindig.

“Steampunk,” the wiki says, “romanticizes the steam-train era and inventiveness of 19th century British Victorian era and/or American Wild West. Think Jules Verne (10,000 leagues, Around the World in 80 days), Wild Wild West series.”

We get that.

But we're a bit confused as to why the costume guide to the 19th-century-themed event suggests “Military coats or bomber jackets (think aviators and explorers).”

Explorers, we get. But 19th-century Aviators? Puh-lease!

We're also a tad bemused by the wiki's listing of WiFi passwords for the three hotels at which the meeting will be staged.

Which is why we haven't linked to the wiki: we'd rather you don't decide to don an aviator's costume and probe attendees' computers. Mozilla may be a bit silly with costume advice, but we'd rather hordes did not descend on the organisation's WiFi.

Another wiki item of note: a £120 evening eating allowance to be spread over three days. For that sum you won't be dining at the capital's finest diners. But you will be able to slug down a cranium-curdling quantity of strong lager, plus a cheap curry to keep yourself stable. And pay for it with money mostly channelled from Google. ®

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