uTorrent forums hacked

The hosting provider behind BitTorrent Inc's uTorrent forum was hacked this month, but only 38,000 accounts have been dumped on the web.

uTorrent is telling users to reset their passwords as a precaution. The HaveIBeenPwned website says email addresses, IP addresses, passwords, and usernames were taken from the forum database and leaked online by miscreants. We're told the passwords were weakly hashed with SHA1 and a salt.

“This was an attack on the hosting vendor and while uTorrent was not the target, it was an opportunistic breach by the attackers. The risk has been mitigated,” Christian Averill, BitTorrent Inc's marketing VP told The Register in an email. “Though the risk has been mitigated, as a precaution, we have advised our users to change their passwords and are taking additional steps.”

The forums were running on the popular IP.Board software, which also powered the Rosebutt board compromised in March. ®

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