Adobe launches Spark: Amateur graphical fun!

We can't publish the visual storytelling version of this due to the community guidelines

Adobe has launched Spark in a hope that its graphics software can be tooled for the mobile age.

Launched as part of the backup-gobbling service Creative Cloud, Spark is intended to embiggen the San Jose-based business's animation suite, although it's still only available on iOS.

It rebrands some of the company's apps from yesteryear, with Slate and Post arriving as Spark Video, Spark Page, and Spark, er, Post, all iOS mobile apps for various forms of graphics, as well as the Spark web app itself "for creating social posts and graphics, web stories and animated videos."

The free apps are available on Adobe's site, where Aubrey Cattell, GM at Adobe Spark, has blogged that the company chose the name because it "represents that small thing that can ignite something much bigger."

All Spark Page and Video stories will retain the #AdobeSpark branding watermark. This is only removable from Spark Post, which isn't great, but least it's not more Flash. ®

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