Data wranglers Trifacta wangle themselves $35m in VC cash

Self-service-as-a-Service. Clear? Good

In Brief Self-service-as-a-service start-up Trifacta has proudly announced that it has raised $35m in VC cash for "growth financing".

Trifacta aims to help non-technical folk get a hold of their data, and managed to capture some of the least technical customers out there, with PepsiCo and the Royal Bank of Scotland joining in.

The cavemen businesses are current users of Trifacta, which stated it helps them to cut analytic build time and wrangle unstructured data to figure out what products to recommend customers.

Wrangling is very important, according to the wranglers' website, which stated: "Too often people regard wrangling as janitorial work; an unglamorous rite of passage before sitting down to do “real” work. In fact, wrangling is as much a part of the data analysis process as the final results."

The company was launched in 2012 out of a joint research project by Berkeley and Stanford profs, and sells a visual application allowing Luddites to transform their data, alongside a degree of intelligence to infer what it is these thickos are trying to do.

According to a statement, the newest round of funding "comes from existing investors Accel Partners, Greylock Partners, and Ignition Partners, as well as new, global investor Cathay Innovation, which will be strategic to our expansion outside North America." ®

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