Dell creates new Extreme team for all data centre kit, at any scale

Meet Dell's super-duper, learning, loving, sharing, talking hyper-scaling team

Michael Dell, photo: Dell

Dell's created a new Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI) umbrella unit for all its data centre efforts.

The company says its almost eight-year-old Data Center Solutions (DCS) unit has had its day. So has the Dell Datacenter Scalable Solutions (DSS) announced just four months ago in August to address what the Texan company calls the “just-below-hyperscale market (think telcos, web tech, hosting companies, oil & gas and research organizations).”

The ESI unit is billed as “the overarching organization where DCS and DSS will reside.”

James Mouton, the veep and general manager of the new unit “What needed to be better communicated to customers, however, is that DCS and DSS is one team.” Mouton's just clambered aboard at Dell from HP, so this has the whiff of a new manager putting their stamp on an organisation. And perhaps finding ways to trim some fat: the announcement also talks a lot about sharing experiences from across Dell, to better serve existing and future customers.

Just what's truly new about the new unit isn't explained in Dell's missive. Nor is how it fits into the plans for all server-related stuff to end up under EMC's wing once the transaction concludes. ®

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