Why are Google and 'VW group' having a 'global summit' in San Francisco today?

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Google VW summit

Pic A friend of The Reg today spotted something rather interesting in downtown San Francisco: an empty van bearing a sign reading “Google VW Group Summit.”

We're pretty sure “VW Group” is the automobile manufacturer Volkswagen and that Google, despite the off-brand sign, is the Alphabet subsidiary dedicated to advertising, web search and assorted cloudy capering.

So what are the two up to? Why do they need a global summit?

Google's media relations folk say they've no idea what's going on.

We have a few ideas:

  • Volkswagen is super-keen on this whole autonomous car idea that Google has invented to confuse cyclists.
  • Volkswagen wants to talk to Google about its hybrid Golf-GTE.
  • The two are chatting about Android for Autos.
  • The illuminati are using the meeting as a cover for the Lizard People to brief The TrumpBot.

Google's looking into this for us. If you know more, feel free to share. ®

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