Job ad appears for CEO of Turnbull's digital transformation office

Ad appears ten weeks after launch, bringing us disruption at the speed of Canberra

Malcolm Turnbull from ITU pictures flickr feed
Malcolm Turnbull from ITU pictures flickr feed

Australia's Department of Communications has advertised for a chief executive officer of the nascent Digital Transformation Office (DTO).

Applicants are expected to possess a “Strong track record of delivering transformational change in a customer-focussed, high volume and transactional environment using digital technology”, an “Outstanding leadership record” and to have runs on the board “building support and influencing within a large, complex organisation.”

The DTO was announced on January 23rd. The ad appeared on April 2nd. So that's 69 days between announcement and an ad appearing, truly transformational speed.

Which is not to say there's nothing going on inside the DTO. We've learned there's an interim leader in place and that the outfit is working on something. Operatives within the unit have promised us that news about those activities will emerge when the time is right.

Little wonder Turnbull's softened his language, of late, to say the DTO has a “goal” to digitise Australian government services by 2017, having initially used that date as a deadline.

While all that something's been going on, the UK Government Digital Service on which Australia's DTO is shamelessly modelled has suffered an embarrassing reverse after one of its flagship projects, a payments system for farmers, was canned having digitally transformed £154m into a smoking crater. ®

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